For those who like to go it alone, we have motorboats which you can drive yourself!

Don’t worry it isn’t difficult, you’ll be fine and your family and friends will appreciate the great day out. Our team will give you easy to follow instructions when you check in to pick up your boat. We also have a map on board to help you get your bearings!

Our fleet of self drive motorboats with Davide


 to the following information

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“The Lake Como Boat managment reserves the right to cancel or postpone a boat tour due to adverse weather conditions, for passengers comfort and safety.”

“Please arrive punctually. Late arrival can compromise the availability of the reservation. Leave plenty of time for parking and walking down to the floating dock.”

“A discount of 10% is available from the Tutti Frutti bar, you can also book your aperitif now and you will find it on board.”

Kayaks Rental:

Single kayak: 10 €/hour
Double kayak: 20 €/hour

We have single (€10) and double (€20) kayaks, available by the hour.

These are on a first come, first served basis. Lifejackets and dry bags are supplied. Should you have to wait a few minutes,

then you can take the opportunity to visit our bar “Tutti Frutti” and take in the great vibes and views of the Riva Grande where we are based!